Aids for Daily Living is an Australian owned and run company of dedicated independent living specialists who specialise in mobility aids for seniors.

Who They Are:

Aids for Daily Living are a new 100% Australian owned company established with the goal of setting a new standard in the independent living products industry. They specialise in selling the newest, highest quality and most innovative products and mobility aids from around the world to aid the safety, mobility and lifestyle of the aged and disabled across Australia.

Their Story:

Their quest began in 2008 after visiting a close elderly relative in his nursing home and seeing the difficulties he had to face everyday with just simplest of tasks and the disbelief they found at how little help there was out there. And the companies that could provide help, were doing so at a price that was just far too high.

We realised that as Australia’s population get older the ability to be able to live independently in ones own home- wherever that might be – for as long as confidently and comfortably possible is going to become more and more paramount. And that a company was needed to help bridge the gap between the challenges we face as we grow older and successful independent living.

We have spent the last three years travelling all over the world collecting information and heavily researching the needs of seniors in Australia and sourcing the ideal range of products directly from the manufacturers and independent living specialists so that we may bring the savings to you.

Their Goal:

Since then they have had one goal, to become Australia’s leading independent living specialists offering, quality products and mobility aids to help our most valuable citizens achieve and maintain their independence at a price they can afford.

Their Promise:

At Aids For Daily Living, each of their independent living products has been carefully selected with the utmost scrutiny and they stand behind the products they provide, offering a full 90 day money back guarantee on every single item – no questions asked.

Aids for Daily Living look forward to becoming your partner in independence.


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