The Asbestos Disease Support Society was founded in 1992 and is a not-for-profit charitable organisation which provides support for people living with asbestos related diseases and information to the community on the dangers of exposure to asbestos.

The Society’s mission is to:

  • Support sufferers of an asbestos related disease, their family or carers
  • Prevent asbestos exposure in the workplace and community
  • Lobby for improvements on asbestos related matters
  • Work with the health community to aid in better understanding of asbestos related disease

The Society provides the following services:

  • Access to their Social Worker to provide emotional support, assist with a range of entitlements and ensure access to appropriate medical and health services
  • Occupational Therapy assessment
  • Dietetics and Nutrition consultation through the University of Qld Clinics
  • Morning teas for sufferers in their local community;
  • Telephone support from their volunteers;
  • Up to date information on asbestos related disease
  • In-service education for nursing and other health staff
  • Register of asbestos exposures from the community
  • Consultation with the Society’s Lawyers
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Biannual Symposium

Their ethos is to assist sufferers to remain at home for as long as possible and as independent as possible within the health care environment. Being a member of the Asbestos Disease Support Society is like belonging to a family. The diagnosis of an asbestos related disease can be devastating. YOU may feel disbelief, confusion or fear that you are suffering alone. YOU are not alone. Asbestos Disease Support Society are here to provide support.


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