Bing Technologies Key Points:

  • Outsourced Mailroom Solution that saves over 42% of internal mailing costs
  • Secure digital delivery of post, fax, email, SMS and voice solutions to reduce patient communication costs and improve internal process
  • Pay as you use service with no upfront investment

Bing Technologies provides a secure outbound communications solution to facilitate the automated delivery of postal mail, fax, email, SMS and voice.

Bing is a scalable virtual mailroom that effectively reduces the cost of sending highly sensitive patient communication by up to 42%.

Our technology is simple to use and integrates seamlessly with existing Healthcare technology platforms, allowing for personnel to maintain complete control over the delivery of patient communications. For regulatory and compliance requirements our solution provides a complete lodgement history archive and audit records of all sent correspondence fully aligned to internal cost centres.

As an automated business solution, our service enables organisations to streamline their communication management process, simplify workflow and generate savings by reducing the costs associated with the internal management of sending patient correspondence.

By providing an alignment between technology and your specific business requirements, Bing can identify and implement digital transformation strategies to help innovate and streamline internal processes to generate better health outcomes for your patients whilst expediting delivery and reducing overall costs.

Healthcare organisations will see a decrease in existing process expenditure such as leases, running and maintenance costs on printing and mailing equipment, consumables, and FTE. This allows organisations to redirect resources towards core activities.

There is no investment to use Bing’s service, our simple all-inclusive cost per letter means total budget and expenditure transparency of all outbound correspondence.

Established in 2001, Bing is 100% Australia owned and operated with production centres across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Our production network ensures quick and efficient printing and mailing of documents from the site closest to the recipient.

The processes and services listed above are completely unique in the market.

Bing own nine Australian Patents which relate to the delivery of outbound communication. These Patents ensure that Bing is the only provider of the unique services pertaining to the fulfilment of ad hoc outbound communication.


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