This year marks a very special 25th anniversary for breakthru, an organisation founded with a vision of changing lives and empowering people with disability to achieve their goals. breakthru is a non-for-profit organisation, an NDIS provider, Disability Employment Service (DES) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Over the course of 25 years, breakthru has helped thousands of Australians each year to realise their dreams and unlock their full potential.

It was 25 years ago that a gentleman by the name of Ross Lewis founded breakthru. Ross saw a great gap between the opportunities to work for people with disability and everyone else. This injustice sparked his ambition to help people with disability experience seamless inclusion into their communities and take them from sheltered workshops into real working jobs.

Fast forward to 2018, breakthrough, now 25 years older, operates in over 25 sites from Far North Queensland through to Victoria. The services breakthru offers has also grown from just Disability Employment Services to services within the NDIS, Mental Health and Training & Development.

If you or somebody you know is looking for a NDIS, DES or RTO provider to help realise a dream or achieve a goal, be sure to contact one of their friendly staff by visiting the breakthru team at the 2018 Care Expo, on site P92.


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