George Hartnett and Metropolitan Funerals have come together to bring 145 years of combined experience in serving families in local communities. George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals are privileged to be able to help families celebrate and honour the lives and values of loved ones every day.

The team are passionate about their role in the community and the important part they play to allay people’s fears and insecurities at a time of great vulnerability. They take a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping create something positive from a difficult time in people’s lives. Families expect a lot more today from funeral services. They know what they want and George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals believes their role is to listen and guide the family in the right way to achieve exactly what they want for their loved ones.

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals support families at the time of their greatest need and also for planning ahead through prepaid funerals. Why do they plan ahead? They do it to reap benefits like peace of mind, security and to protect those cared for so they can enjoy life. We all plan for life’s major events: wedding day, buying a home, starting a family, children’s education, career through to retirement. This final event is a celebration of our life and achievements, and they’re able to protect, one last time, loved ones from making decisions about our final arrangements, at what unquestionably will be an emotional time. An increasing number of products exist on the market for funeral planning, including funeral bonds, funeral insurance and prepaid funerals, but not all these products are alike.

A prepaid funeral with George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals gives you the opportunity to record your wishes by prearranging and paying a future funeral service at today’s price. You can personalise many aspects of the services to be delivered and it does not adversely affect your personal tax, pension or other entitlements. You can also feel secure in the knowledge that your funds are safely held by the Over 50’s Friendly Society until needed.

To find out more please speak to the team at the Care Expo 2018, visit them at one of their funeral homes, or give them a call 24/7 on: 1300 662 172.


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