Breakthrough technology for dispensing medications

The myLiquitab® Homecare System is an innovative technology that converts solid dose pills and tablets into a liquid, making medications easier to consume.

Comprising the myLiquitab Homecare Unit and myLiquitab Homecare Kit, the system includes a range of flavours that are specifically formulated to mask the bitter taste of medications. It includes proprietary disposable beakers that can be used up to 3-4 times.

To operate the system solid dose medications are placed in the myLiquitab beaker, 50ml of water is added and 6g of the myLiquitab flavouring of choice. The beaker is then placed inside the myLiquitab Homecare Unit, the lid is closed and the unit is started. When the cycle is complete an alarm sounds, the medications are fully dispersed and the liquid is ready to be consumed.


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