Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) is an independent, community-based systems and individual advocacy organisation and a community legal service for people with disability. Their mission is to promote, protect and defend, through systems and individual advocacy, the fundamental needs and rights and lives of the most vulnerable people with disability in Queensland.

QAI has an exemplary track record of effective systems advocacy, with thirty years’ experience advocating for systems change, through campaigns directed to attitudinal, law and policy reform and by supporting the development of a range of advocacy initiatives in this state. They have provided, for almost a decade, highly in-demand individual advocacy through their individual advocacy services – the Human Rights Legal Service, the Mental Health Legal Service and the Justice Support Program and more recently the National Disability Insurance Scheme Appeals Support Program.

Systems Advocacy – QAI undertakes this particular advocacy form that focuses on influencing and changing ‘the system’ (as in the whole of society and the various systems operating within) in ways that will benefit people with disability as a group within society. Systems advocacy includes, but is not limited to, policy and law reform activities.

Human Rights Legal Service – Guardianship and administration; Forensic Orders and Forensic Orders – Disability.

Mental Health Legal Service – Review of an involuntary treatment order including Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT); Review of a forensic order, and provides independent expertise to the sector.

Justice Support Program – non-legal advocacy for people with an intellectual or cognitive disability or mental illness, who have been or are at risk of becoming involved with the Queensland criminal justice system; and the person’s disability is a contributing factor to their involvement with the criminal justice system.

NDIS Appeals Support Advocacy – individual non-legal advocacy for people with disability navigating the internal reviews and external appeals processes for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Advocates assist individuals who disagree with decisions made by the NDIA.

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