Meet Matlda and Jack, two socially and emotionally engaging robots that are 8 years in the making. They might look like a futuristic kids’ toy, but in reality, they could be the secret to improving the quality of life for thousands of dementia patients.

Partnering with NEC in Japan, Human Centred Innovations has spent 8 years and 35 field trials developing these social robots known as Matlda and Jack. They are designed to provide therapeutic, behavioural and educational support for people affected by social isolation, dementia, autism and learning disabilities. Each robot is used for in-home based care as well as in aged care and in-patient facilities. They can also deliver proactive, reactive and preventative care with their wireless and cloud computing infrastructure, along with smart devices including tablets, phones and watches.

As the Business of Tomorrow Winner for 2017, Human Centred Innovation is the only company outside of Japan to provide NEC robots for home-based care, and aims to deploy 10,000 more robots throughout Australia by 2019.

The best part? These little social robots will be making an appearance at the 2018 Care Expo ! You can meet Matlda and Jack in person by visiting Human Centred Innovations at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, from September 14 – 15. Don’t be shy, come and see some of our country’s best innovative technologies this year at the Care Expo !


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