GRIT Health has just been announced as Care Expo’s latest Silver Sponsor.

Did you know that 1 in 2 Australians are living with a chronic disease? A chronic disease is any condition that is long-term, not easily cured (if at all) and if not managed properly will lead to significant health problems.

Living with a chronic condition can have a significant and ongoing impact on your quality of life. From managing physical symptoms, juggling appointments and keeping track of medications, there is a lot to be on top of. Don’t you wish you could see all the important information in one place?

Enter GRIT Health. At GRIT Health, we want you to be an active participant in your health and your life, even if you do have a chronic condition. We believe managing a chronic condition and living your best life takes a healthy dose of GRIT, and by that we mean determination, courage and persistence.

GRIT Health is a health management app that empowers you to know as much about your health as your treating doctor, giving you a team of health professionals in your back pocket on call to guide and support you.

We are an all Australian company, based in Brisbane but ready to support all Australians wherever they are. With backgrounds in nursing, finance, IT and business, the team at GRIT all share the same goal – to vanquish the impact of chronic disease to where it belongs, not front and centre in people’s lives.

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