Care Expo would like to welcome Wenatex the Sleep System as its latest Gold Sponsor.

Wenatex The Sleep System is an Australian business dedicated to giving people a good quality night’s sleep. We are committed to finding solutions for people with sleep issues through leading sleep research and the unique development of the
Sleep System.

The Wenatex Sleep System has been around since 1964 and was developed by renowned sleep researchers and scientists to create a sleep system that provides the highest level of restful and healthy sleep. The sleep system was designed using the latest technology including the pebble design SMT cut, which follows the Kneipp concept. Along with natural herbs and the unique use of silver to ensure the most advanced hygienic, orthopaedic and ergonomic sleep system.

The entire system is manufactured to the highest quality with top quality materials in Austria. The entire production process has a multi-stage quality management system in combination with the most advanced technology. With a unique quality control system, we can ensure a top-quality product every time.

Whether asleep or not most people spend 6 to 8 hours a day in bed, which works out to be a third of our life. An orthopaedic sleep system is critical to maximising the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate while in bed. These beds are designed to minimise the body’s need to move and thus limits disturbances in our sleep, therefore the body can focus on what it needs to do.

The unique synergy between all the products of the Sleep System gives you a high level of sleeping comfort that has never existed before.


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