SpecialCare Central (SCC) is on a mission: to bring awareness to the community of the needs of our senior citizens and people with disabilities. We aim to empower them to take control of their lives.

Formed in July 2012, SCC came to life from the experience of our founder, Yvonne Campbell. Caring for her mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Yvonne found that while there were
plenty of services out there to help with her mother’s care, it was difficult to not only find them but to coordinate the delivery of the services needed.

This led to the birth of SCC. We are a multimedia information organisation that links people who need service, with those that provide it. On top of that, we bring providers together to communicate with each other, and so improve service delivery for their clients. We aim to increase awareness of the challenges facing the aged and the disabled.

SCC has held Expos, established an interactive website, created a TV show, and have many more projects on the go. All these have the ultimate goal of showcasing services available in the community and improving the lives of our senior citizens and the disabled.


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