“Even with good planning, nothing prepares you for the choices people make whilst they are on the road,” Michelina Pelosi, PBF Australia Presenter, says.

PBF Australia (The Paraplegic Benefit Fund) is a membership based not-for-profit organisation with a mission to reduce the number of spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, provide crucial financial protection in the unfortunate event of a spinal cord injury, and provide employment services for those already living with quadriplegia or paraplegia.

Michelina Pelosi is one PBF presenter who has learnt that through educating, the pre-conceived barriers of spinal cord injuries can be knocked down by being open and talking about her own experiences.

On Boxing Day 1989, Michelina was in a serious car crash while heading to Adelaide for a 21st birthday party. However, another driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit Michelina’s car head-on, injuring her spine. In the blink of an eye, Michelina’s life was changed forever.

Today, Michelina works to encourage people to make better choices, and educate them to see the person before the wheelchair. Realising you are never going to walk again is not something you can prepare for, but thanks to people like Michelina and organisations like PBF Australia, Australians nationwide are learning how to cope and live life to the fullest.

PBF Australia will be at the 2018 Care Expo, educating visitors on how they can protect and support loved ones with spinal injuries and also how to prevent them.  You can find them in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 14 – 15, as well as in the Speakers Program where Injury Prevention Manager Darron Shields will be sharing his story at the Event.


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