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Almost 2.65 million Australians care for a family member, partner or friend with a disability, medical or mental health condition, or someone who is frail due to age. And often, the carers themselves need care – or just a little assistance to point them in the right direction.

Helping carers manage their daily challenges can make a big difference to their lives, as well as the lives of those they care for. That’s where the federal government’s Carer Gateway comes in, providing reliable services, support and advice to unpaid carers.

Services are delivered in-person, online and via phone, and are free to all carers no matter where in Australia they live. Through the nationwide network of Carer Gateway service providers, carers have access to:

  • Carer needs assessment and support planning
  • In-person and phone-based counselling
  • In-person and online peer support
  • Targeted financial support through Carer Directed Support Packages
  • Emergency respite
  • Online self-guided coaching
  • Information and advice

Assistance with navigating relevant local services available to carers through federal, state and local government and non-government providers, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme, My Aged Care and palliative care.

Carers can access Carer Gateway services by calling 1800-422-737, weekdays, 8am-5pm local time, or by clicking HERE

Emergency respite is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1800-422-737.