Independence. This word is often heard when loved ones talk about care options including aged care and assisted care. It is often a struggle to find the balance between letting them keep their independence and managing their safety. But how can you ensure they are easily able to contact help when they need it.

This is where Safety Link can help. Safety Link helps to provide assistance to elderly people or anyone living alone by supplying a simple and reliable way to keep connected to family, friends and others who can help them in an emergency. With Safety Link, you can immediately summon assistance 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via a simple, press-of-a-button access action. Their staff are highly experienced, caring and professional people so it is comforting to know there is always someone available no matter what time of day to support those who need assistance.

If you are a loved one is interested in how Safety Link can help then visit them at site P110 during the 2019 Care Expo.