PLAN To have Great Care & A Great Life Ahead

The Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide is a Social Enterprise, committed to improving the wellbeing of our Nation’s Retirees and Seniors.

Our aim is to empower our readers with information they need to make the best choices for themselves in all the important areas of life such as where to live, finances, health and, most importantly, the options available to us for our own care.

For a number of years, we have been campaigning to change the common mindset towards the Over 50s, Active Retirees and Seniors and I’m proud to say we can see some real changes happening. People are talking about these later years with enthusiasm. We can travel more, start a new career, study, volunteer, or mentor those who have not had the benefit of decades of experience. ‘Mature’, ‘Old’, and ‘Retirement’ are no longer bad words – in fact they denote our time to Celebrate Life!

However, this new mindset does not mean that we “New Age Retirees” don’t need care. We do! In fact, the better and more appropriate the care we receive, the better we are in a position to Celebrate Life and live constructive and active lives.

Planning and being organised can help. Find out about all the options available whether through private funding, commonwealth funded or through the in-home care or NDIS systems. It’s a complex jigsaw of rules, eligibility criteria, waiting times and contracts.

By organising and consciously designing our future care, we will have happier and constructive years ahead. Sort out the plan for your care early, so it fits in with your life plans. Learn how to lead a full life and enjoy this chapter of your life!

We give you practical and useful information and insights through the pages of the Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide.

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