In amongst all of the drama of the COVID Pandemic, the Aged Care Crisis and the spiraling mental health issues facing everyone from school children to firefighters, there remains a major health care issue in our society: failing eyesight and blindness. Whether it is from birth or as a result of aging, illness or a major accident, there is help at hand, and it is alive, friendly and cuddly.

From the moment they are born, a promising puppy needs love, time, dedication and support as they grow to become life-changing companions for Queenslanders with low vision or blindness. Queensland Guide Dogs is an exhibitor at Care Expo this weekend at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre as they seek to connect with supporters and benefactors through to people who simply want to be a Guide Dog ‘Puppy Raiser’.

Care Expo is open from 9am to 4pm on Friday and Saturday at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and is a FREE event. To secure your free pass to attend visit the event website. You can also find all the details on the Speakers Program and a full list of exhibitors.