With over 30 years’ experience as a chef, restaurateur and cooking school presenter in the hospitality industry, Dominique Rizzo is one of Queensland’s most well-known female chefs. With the launch of her new cooking school “Urban Feast” Dominique has teamed up with Accessible Chef to launch a series of specialised hands-on cooking classes and workshops for individuals with mild Intellectual Disability and Low Support Needs. Dominique believes that cooking is an essential life skill that everyone should have access to. Urban Feasts Accessible Chef cooking classes not only equip individuals with the necessary tools for greater independence, but also promote social and community participation and provide them with a sense of belonging.

In her interactive demonstrations Dominique will take you through some of the Accessible chef recipes and workshop topics and give you a hands-on approach to what you can expect by joining the classes.

The Accessible Chef Programme will encourage the development of cooking skills necessary for everyday life including:

  • Giving participants who are transitioning to independent living additional cooking skills and independence in the kitchen
  • Learning about the importance of healthy foods and creating healthy easy meals
  • Reading recipes, identifying ingredients and budget cooking through Accessible Chef pictorial recipes with simple steps
  • An introduction to growing your own herbs and vegetables
  • An introduction and sensory experience collecting eggs from chickens,  feeding the worms, and picking fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden for use during the classes
  • Learning safe food handling practices, how to safely use sharp knives, graters, and other cooking utensils and how to safely operate a hot stove and oven
  • Meal preparation and balanced healthy food combinations
  • Table setting and appropriate social skills at mealtime
  • Washing of dishes, cooking utensils and cleaning of kitchen

The learning outcome at the end of 10 lessons is that the adult learner with intellectual disability is inspired and empowered to cook a nutritious meal at least 3 times a week with the Accessible Chef recipes at home with their acquired skills.

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