17th – 18th September 2021

Hall 1 – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, QLD, 4101


Care Expo Brisbane is an industry-leading event providing an unparalleled opportunity for community services, businesses and organisations within the health, care and support industries to reach a targeted audience at our states premier exhibition centre, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The event will provide an opportunity for those working within the industry and for end users alike to discover and connect with providers from aged care, disability and in-home support through to education, mobility, mental health, social, recreational services and more.

This event is a must attend for the health, care and support industries. Place your business in front of this targeted audience and benefit from the additional promotion, brand awareness, sales and leads that will follow.

2020 Event Statistics

Statistic data received from polled 2020 exhibitors and visitors who subscribed to the event newsletter.

Exhibitor Survey Results

Are events like the Care Expo Brisbane important to your sales, marketing or promotional strategy in the current economic climate?

  • Yes 74.5% 74.5%

How happy were you with the number of patrons who visited the event?

  • Happy – Extremely Happy 74% 74%

How successful was the event for your company?

  • Good – Excellent 75% 75%

Exhibitor Testimonials

The Care Expo team and organisers did an excellent job supporting and organising this event, and should be commended for their professionalism and the way they assisted in making the most of the show during COVID



We found the whole event process clear and staff very easy to deal with. Communication beforehand was excellent, and the event itself was very well run.


Pole Walking Australia

I think you all did a brilliant job with continued follow up during the lead up, the support on the day, and overall I feel it was very much a success. Congrats on a great job. Personally I am delighted that the Care Expo is now handled so professionally by Bob and his team at Australian Events.


SpecialCare Central

The venue was excellent and it was managed very well. We interacted with a variety of guests who genuinely showed interest in our service.


Safety Link

The Care Expo is a vital part to exposing the opportunities and services that are available to support an aging community.



The Care Expo was well organised and we were pleasantly surprised as to the large numbers of people who attended both days. Well done!!


Tender Loving Care Disability Services

It is apart of our values at Afford to share the information of how to navigate and obtain the correct services associated with the NDIS. Care Expo Australia is a great platform from which we can educate those looking at spplying for the NDIS as well as those that already have a plan.



Visitor Survey Results

How would you rate this year’s event?

  • Good – Excellent 87% 87%

Are you likely to attend the event next year?

  • Yes 89% 89%

Would you recommend Care Expo to your family, friends or co-workers?

  • Yes 86% 86%

Visitor Testimonials

I had an absolute blast of a time… the Urban Poles 4 life and supporting those that have had breast cancer was very educational and I bought a pair to help me walk… best thing since sliced cheese!!


Event Visitor

The staff were very approachable and I was able to get different types of information For my family members. I enjoyed the speaker event and took notes regarding their recommendations throughout the talk for my family member.


Event Visitor

I found the information I needed, and MORE! Great event, felt safe with distances clearly marked and hand sanitisers readily available. Exhibitors were very helpful. Overall I was extremely impressed.


Event Visitor

As a support worker beginning my career in the field of caring, I found the Care Expo a tremendous experience, as did my client (we went together). It was so empowering for both of us because everyone there had integrity, compassion and acknowledgement. We felt so welcomed and inspired throughout the event to learn more about what is really available, to network and support us in the future. I collected so much information that I feel as though my knowledge base has expanded beyond what I could have learnt as an individual and I am grateful to be able to share and apply this in my work. So appropriate and I will recommend for anyone who requires care or is a carer to please go to the next Care Expo. Increasing awareness is vital to enhancing quality of life and providing positive experience.


Event Visitor

It was very informative, the people were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going again next year. I got so much information it was awesome.


Event Visitor

Enjoyed our time at the Expo. We took our daughter who has a disability and it made it easier for the stallholders to give us the relevant information we were seeking.


Event Visitor

Well done on presenting this event in the current climate. It was great to have some semblance of normality and find information from a good variety of exhibitors.


Event Visitor

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