No matter what your age, good health is important. A very important part of your health is your mental health. Friendship plays a vital part of enjoying good mental health. How is this achieved? By keeping connected to your local community, keeping in contact with friends new and old, getting out and about, and taking time to have fun and to laugh.

Whatever your age, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, friends to visit, and food to eat. How much of a role this plays in your happiness is often over looked and underestimated! There are many myths around ageing and as we grow older we all find more myths to bust. Growing older does not mean giving up the enjoyable things in life, sometimes you need more assistance to ensure that friends, family, connection and fun are always a part of your life.

Metro Community Hub may be the perfect solution for this.  The company specialises in supporting older people by providing wellness activities, bus trips and other activities to keep them entertained and healthy. If you or a loved one is unaware of the support that may be available to them, visit Metro Community Hub at the 2019 Care Expo. Visitors can find them on site P26.