Leading specialist from CDA Clinics Australia, Matua Jansen, is already attracting enormous interest as a key presenter in the Speakers Program this Friday as a part of the two day Care Expo in Brisbane.

The original CDA Clinic was founded in Australia to assist doctors and patients in navigating the complex process of applying to the TGA and prescribing and sourcing medical cannabis. Doctors receive simple to follow educational resources and one-to-one service from CDA so that they are able to offer medical cannabis as an option to their patients.

Cannabis Doctors Australia (CDA) provide legal Medical Cannabis access to patients Australia-wide. Their doctors can apply to the Department of Health on behalf of each patient and once approved can write prescriptions for legal Medicinal Cannabis products which then are dispensed at selected pharmacies. CDA Doctors are Australian-registered, trained in Cannabis Medicine and experienced in prescribing legal Medicinal Cannabis products.

Information will be available from specialist consultants on the CDA stand at Care Expo this Friday and Saturday. It is a FREE event so to get all of the event details and to obtain your FREE pass to attend visit the event website.