Open Minds is a leading provider of Mental Health, Disability and Intellectual Disability services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With more than 100 years of history, Open Minds is committed to its purpose of enabling an independent and positive future for people living with mental illness and disabilities.

Open Minds believe in working closely with the individual, their family and carers, professionals, and other stakeholders in their life, to deliver high quality support services suited to their unique needs.

The Open Minds range of services is focused on independence and high quality support.  These include Supported Independent Living (SIL), Support Coordination, Daily Living and Recovery Services.  They believe each person and their experiences are unique, and therefore each persons needs are considered to ensure the best opportunity for a thriving and independent life.  Open Minds also provide a Specialist Services Team who have a proven track record of improving the lives of those with Complex Support Needs, including Positive Behaviour Support Planning and Specialist Support Coordinators.

Open Minds is a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider, with more than 500 employees spread across 35 locations.

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