Visitors to the 2018 Care Expo will be familiar with Pepper, the aged care companion robot brought to you by the team from Conpago. The ‘Conpago Suite’ was created from the hope to empower the elderly to enter into the digital age and stay connected with family, friends and carers.

The program combines a simple user interface, with features such as medical reminders, social groups, easy messaging, check-in’s, assistance calls and event livestreaming to ensure that the elderly are not left behind in the digital age.

It was from this same program that ‘Pepper’ was created. ‘Pepper’ links to the Conpago Suite which is able to give residents access to information stored on the platform including what events are in what facilities, and can assist with checking residents into these events as well. Pepper can also be used to help reduce the demand for care staff by providing entertainment, help and companionship for many elderly patrons.

To find out more about the Conpago Suite, visit Pepper and the innovative team at Conpago at site P181 at the 2019 Care Expo, 4th-5th October at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.