For more than 100 years, The Public Trustee has been looking after the legacy, assets and investments of Queenslanders. As a statutory body of the Queensland Government, the Public Trustee delivers a range of valuable and essential services to the Queensland community.

Their services include a free will-making service, the preparation of enduring powers of attorney and administering deceased estates. The Public Trustee also provides personal and ongoing support tailored to the needs of individuals who, due to disability, illness or injury are unable to manage their own financial affairs. They support individuals, their carers, families and support network, to make decisions and manage their income and investments.

The Public Trustee is the largest maker of Wills in the southern hemisphere, making over 28,000 free Wills for Queenslanders each year, with a network of offices across the State.

The Public Trustee help Queenslanders to protect their legacy and provide for their financial wellbeing.  They are estate (legacy) and financial guardians, planners, managers and investors.

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