At Vacenti, we are proud to have been providing exceptional aged care and senior living to South-East Queensland for more than 40 years. We are a family-owned company and our family values are at the core of our business.

Living at a Vacenti home means you are part of a welcoming, connected community where you truly feel you belong. Every resident is treated with warmth, integrity, respect and understanding. We work hard to develop trusting relationships with you and your loved ones to ensure we understand you and can meet your needs.

It’s important to us at Vacenti that you continue to live your life the way that you choose. You shouldn’t have to give up your lifestyle or your passions just because you are now in an aged care home.

We have a range of activites and services that can help you stay engaged, if you have particular interests, hobbies or daily routines that are important to you then we are here to support you any way we can , not to mention introducing new activities that you may enjoy.

We understand everyone is unique and we want what is right for you. Vacenti residences allow you to choose from a wide range of accommodation, services and lifestyle options. You may choose to select from a range of additional services (on a fee for service basis) to complement your lifestyle.

Everyone can feel “at home”, content and comfortable in our clean, safe and secure homes. We respect each person’s cultural, lifestyle and spiritual differences and support every resident to maintain their own identity, dignity, interests and privacy. Our residences are located in convenient areas across Brisbane with access to shops, parks and lifestyle activities. Our experienced Team welcome everyone and help make you feel comfortable in a safe and secure environment.

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