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Care Expo is proud to welcome Major Glenn Todhunter as the Ambassador for the 2018 Event. On September 22 1995, Major Glenn Todhunter found himself trapped in the wreckage of his aircraft after it had crashed heavily during a training flight. After several days of intensive care and being on life support, he awoke to the reality of having both his legs amputated below the knee. It took Glenn eight years to rebuild his life. Glenn was told that he would never fly again in the Army with a disability. He did not accept that and with pure guts and determination he learned how to walk with prosthetic limbs, learnt how to drive a vehicle and most importantly for Glenn, he learned how to fly again. He became the first and only amputee aviator in the history of the Australian Defence Force. Glenn now proudly works for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, South Eastern Section as their head of Flight Training.

Major Glenn Todhunter will share his unique story at this event.

Glenn Todhunter will share his unique story at this event. How he managed fear and overcame the hurdles to get back on to the flight deck and go on to become a leading flying instructor in the challenging area of commercial aviation in Australia. His incredible journey of hope and determination featured on the ABC’s Australian Story program and he was selected as a finalist for Queenslander of the Year in recognition of his strength of character and ability to inspire others with disabilities to shoot for the stars. His motto …’the only limits to extraordinary results in life are the limits we place on ourselves’

2018 Speakers Program


Brian Yates & Simon Patmore

Job Centre Australia

Going for Gold

What does it take to become a Paralympian, not once but twice? Simon Patmore is the first Australian to have competed at both the Summer and Winter Paralympics, and win a gold medal at both! He’ll talk about working to achieve his goals, his disability and why he chooses to partner with Job Centre Australia who advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Dinesh Palipana

Dinesh Palipana Guest Speaker – Human Interest Story

What becoming a doctor taught me about disability

I’d like to talk about how the journey to becoming a doctor taught me that there is no such things as a disability. Everyone just has different abilities despite their physical attributes, and that’s what we need to foster as a society.

Tracey Silvester

Seasons Living Australia Pty Ltd. Envigor Pty Ltd & Grit Health

Failing to plan does mean planning to fail, especially as you get older.

Ageing is one of those things that sneaks up on us. One minute you are considered in the prime of your life and the next you are invisible. For many people, this means they get to this point under prepared for what they might need and how they might achieve what they want for themselves as they age. In this presentation, we will explore some of the common issues faced by older people and their families.

Susanne Jones

Just Better Care Brisbane North

Trust Matters

Susanne will be talking about why trust matters in business more than ever since the changes to funding allocations and under the Consumer Directed Care funding philosophy. She will touch on the connection between great leadership in any organisation and business and a focus on excellence in customer service.

Michelle Calabro

Co.As.It. Community Services

Treating Clients As Family

Description of Presentation – Q & A style presentation to help consumers understand and navigate the ever changing aged care system. Michelle will invite questions from the attendees to help inform, coach and inspire them to achieve the best possible care for their loved ones.

Lisa Capamagian

Tunstall Healthcare

Sue’s Story: Remote Monitoring of COPD

The benefit of telehealth monitoring solutions, enabling Sue to self-manage her condition, gain a better quality of life and reduce hospital admissions.

Linda Delamotte

Your Home Care

Choice and Control

What to Consider When Choosing a Direct Support Provider. Linda is the Managing Director and established Your Home Care in 2010. Building on her years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Linda has built a culture where the team values quality care and delivers at a high professional level.

Lance Stracke

Guardian Safety Pendants

Technologies, Misinformation & the Future

In layman’s terms, hear about automatic fall detection, geo-fencing, the NBN, and everything else pertaining to the importance of a medical alert, who should have them and why. Learn why misinformation abounds and why your opinion is so valuable in a published review.

Ken Maxwell

Wenatex The Sleep System

Take part in life through healthy sleep

Poor sleep has so many adverse effects on the human body and mind. Poor sleep could lead to a real deficiency of energy, lack of focus, irritability, depression, obesity, dementia and so much more. Join us for an informative, fun and interactive encounter with good, healthy sleep. Feel better, improve your lifestyle, get more out of every day.

Darron Shields

PBF Australia

What is important to you?

In a split second your life can change. Everyday someone in Australia suffers a spinal cord injury. Learn how you can protect, prevent and support your loved ones. Since 1984 PBF Australia have been supporting Australians living with spinal cord injuries to lead vibrant and independent lives. Today our Injury Prevention Manager, Darron Shields, will be sharing his story.

Alison Layton

Caring for Carers Australia (CCA)

Caring for Carers, One Day Off

We think it’s downright un-Australian that carers do not ever get a day off. In order to look after the health and well being of all carers, we want to give them a break. Their job never stops. We want to give as many carers a day off. We want to raise awareness and funds for every carer to have a support worker look after the person they care for 8 hours while they take a break.

Paula Herlihen

Aids for Daily Living & Arthritis Queensland

Using Joints Wisely

Arthritis can affect anyone at any age, so find out more about supporting your joints, assistive devices and splinting from the Health Educator at Arthritis QLD, Paula Herlihen.

Andrew Ramsay

Asbestos Disease Support Society

Australia’s On-going Legacy of Asbestos

Despite Australia’s complete asbestos ban being in place since 2003, public health efforts must continue to focus on preventing the devastating effects of avoidable asbestos-related diseases, including occupational and non-occupational groups who are potentially at risk from exposure to respirable asbestos fibres.

Ben Droll


Lessons Learnt About NDIS

Ben will discuss some of the key lessons breakthru has learned from their experience as a provider of the NDIS from the early days of the Hunter trial to now. He will discuss how you, as a participant and customer of the NDIS support, can navigate this new system and get the support that you need.

Karen Stewart Smith

Burnie Brae

General tips for everyday life to increase activity & health

Karen Stewart Smith, an accredited exercise physiologist, will run through safe and effective tips that people can incorporate into their everyday activities to improve their feelings and well-being. This session will be perfect also for Carers to learn tips to assist in general overall wellness.

Jocelyn Wills

Carers Queensland

Making Life better through the NDIS

Jocelyn Wills will share her story of managing the rollout of the NDIS Local Area Coordination Partners in the Community Program with Carers Queensland.

Professor Rajiv Khosla

Human Centred Innovations Pty Ltd

A social robot companion for people with disability

This talk will provide a demonstration of Social robot enabled services deployed in Australian households, special needs schools and disability centres to engage, enable and empower people with disability.

Paula Sieler


Starkey Hearing Foundation – My Experience

What is the Starkey Hearing Foundation? How does ihear provide support and a clinicians experience.

Karin Schuhmann

Life Tec Australia

Assistive Technology to enable a Meaningful Life

Solutions available to offer opportunities to people with disabilities to stay connected and engaged in meaningful, active and community life.

Keith Dobson

Liquitab Systems Limited

Prevalence & Problem of Dysphagia (problems with swallowing)

Keith’s presentation will overview the worldwide prevalence and problem of Dysphagia (problems with swallowing) and its presence as a consequence of many other medical conditions.

Ryan Quade

Qspec Building and Mobility

The world of home modifications

Learn about the world of home modifications! With vast experience in the field of home modifications, Qspec presents mobility solutions that can be installed in the home to improve independence.

Evee Perich and Caitlin De Cocq Delwinjen

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated

What you need to know if you disagree with a decision made by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

Evee and Caitlin will provide an overview of the process for appealing decisions made by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Nick Collyer and Niamh Fields

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated

Advocacy beyond the NDIS: navigating systemic roadblocks for individuals with disability

This presentation will walk you through a range of systemic issues that you, or the person you support, may experience, including interactions with the criminal justice systems, housing, education, employment, mental health and guardianship.

Melissa Bannerman

STAR Community Services

True meaning of Community Inclusion for NDIS Participants.

What is the true meaning of Community Inclusion for people with disability? Are NDIS service providers heading in the right directions?

Barry Johnson

Crouch & Lyndon Lawyers

Estate Planning; Getting It Right

In this presentation, Barry will provide a brief overview of the important matters to consider in estate planning including making sure you have the right documents in place (for example, an up-to-date will and enduring power of attorney), common challenges to wills and how to avoid them, and how to plan for easy estate administration by choosing the right executor.

Michelle James

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Preventing work related sprains and strains/ musculoskeletal disorders

Summary of Presentation – Research and evidence shows MSDs to be a complex problem that many workplace safety management systems are not addressing adequately. Risk management of the causes for MSDs requires a holistic approach, and the speaker will highlight WHSQ resources that can help organisations tackle this problem.

Teegan Modderman

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit

This presentation provides a brief overview of the toolkit, its content and tools, how it can be used by workplaces and a case study on how a large organisation has adopted the toolkit. Through attendance at this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of the characteristics of a mentally healthy workplace, preview the new mentally healthy workplaces toolkit and understand how the toolkit can be used and adopted with a practical example.


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